“We noticed a theme of joy throughout the whole weekend…”

In February, Two Eight worked with Greek InterVarsity, a national campus ministry. Our work was to provide the musical worship team as well as the audio and lighting for the conference (shown above). It is always rewarding to get to minister to college students during a crucial period in their lives!

There were 300 students in attendance, and 63 of them indicated making decisions for Christ that weekend! Dozens more had significant spiritual milestones in their growth.

Catherine Elder, Greek IV’s conference program director, told us this after the event: “The resounding comment from our staff team is that none of us have ever seen something like the Sunday worship set at Greek Conference before… we noticed a theme of joy throughout the whole weekend. I think worship was a big part of that!”

In January, we did the same thing for a conference hosted by Athletes In Action (another student ministry) for about 325 collegiate athletes – 14 of which indicated decisions to follow Jesus!

Late in December, I was in Washington, D.C. for one of Cru’s Winter Conferences, where I served as music director and band coach. The conference was attended by about 800 students from over 100 different campuses.

A student named David was one of the musicians I coached there. He had never seen or even imagined an event that was so intentionally focused helping students in their spiritual growth. Getting to serve at the conference was a pretty significant watershed moment for him, both as a musician and in his spiritual growth

“I’ve never felt this close to God before…”, he told us after the conference was over.

So it’s been a busy season of working with various campus ministries for their conference events. Two Eight has been a trusted partner in creating musical worship experiences and providing production for a handful of campus ministries in the past, and I will likely continue to help Cru with some of their events in the future; it’s a natural extension of our partnerships.

We’re now heading into a season of planning for the third year of our Summer of Recovery Tour, which is a series of outdoor festival-style events in partnership with Indiana’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction (DMHA). The events are a way for us to bring healing and hope to where they are most needed and hardest to find.

So as always, I’m grateful for your prayers and support as I enter a new season of ministry with Two Eight, but continue to do what I’ve always been called to do – create music and moments that move people toward Jesus.

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