I believe that when people truly encounter Jesus, they come away changed. And I believe that music is one of the most powerful tools available to help create those encounters. That’s what the team I work with at Two Eight Ministries is all about. Two Eight is a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry organization that creates music and moments that move people.

I serve as Two Eight’s Director of Music Ministry. In addition to playing guitar and leading bands, my role is to help make sure all of our ministry events and performances are compelling and effective. We’re not doing this for fame, album sales, Spotify streams or concert revenue. We do it because we’re passionate about taking faith, hope and love to where they are desperately needed and hardest to find.

It’s important work, it’s what I was made to do, and I would do it for free if that were possible.

But it’s not.

My work is only possible because of a team of financial partners who donate financially and pray for us. Please consider this as an invitation to join the team of individuals, foundations and churches who provide the funding for our income and ministry expenses! By doing that, our partners in ministry are able to expand their impact far beyond their own circles of influence, and it means I can minister with strength and focus.

My ‘giving’ page for my work with Two Eight
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