Hey there. I’m Scott Naylor, and I’m a musician, ponderer, and missionary. I serve with a global missions organization called Cru as a leader, professional musician and music director.  For the last dozen years, I’ve lead teams of missional performing artists all over the world, and given vision and leadership to various aspects of Cru’s dedicated music ministry, which has existed since 1966. 

Artists by design and missionaries by calling, our teams have shared the gospel with hundreds of thousands of people in concert outreaches, and have led worship for believers and missionaries serving on literally every continent. 

What you have stumbled onto here is the place where I tell stories and keep people updated about the stuff we do. And I’m glad you did, because we need your help to keep doing it!

Our work with Cru is 100% supported by our team of ministry partners – people who give financially to make our work possible. We love seeing lives changed for eternity, but we simply can’t do it without our partners in finances and prayer. 

For more about how to join us in our mission, check out the Donate page. Thanks for dropping in!