I’m Scott Naylor, and I’m an Indianapolis-based guitarist, music director, and vocational missionary. My calling and passion is to create music and moments that move people. I’ve gotten to do that in thousands of performances in a variety of settings on 5 of the 7 continents, always with the goal of using those moments to draw people’s attention to the person of Jesus in one way or another.

I’ve served as administrative director, music producer and performing musician for organizations ranging from small local churches, multisite megachurches and Cru, the largest parachurch missions organization in the world. Most recently, I’m doing that to help build the small-but-mighty team at Two Eight Ministries.

For more about that, check out the Mission page.

As a professional musician, I continue to serve as music director, guitarist and clinician for ministries, artists and churches in the Indianapolis area. Doing those those things with excellence and authority are some of my favorite things to ponder and discuss. So if you need any of that stuff, or just want to talk more about it, hit me up and let’s grab coffee.