Moving from Cru to Two Eight…

As I shared recently, as of November 5th, 2023 I have ended my time with Cru and joined Two Eight Ministries, where I will continue to use music to help reach people for Jesus. My role will be to serve as Two Eight’s Director of Music Ministry, making sure all of our performance events are compelling and effective.

Please consider continuing your giving toward my work with Two Eight! Just like with Cru, my work with Two Eight is donor-funded, so I’m inviting all of my financial and prayer partners to switch over their giving. I’d be blessed and grateful if you would come with me on this next leg of my journey in ministry!

To do that, there are two simple steps:
Step 1: Cancel your giving to Cru:
Your electronic, EFT or other automated giving to Cru will not automatically stop when I leave Cru. For EFT or Credit/Bank Card giving, email, or call Cru’s Donation Services at (888) 278-7233, options 1, 1.

If you’re giving in a way that initates from your end (like an autopay of some sort), you may have to stop it on your end with your bank.

Step 2: Start giving to Two Eight:
If you’re giving by bank transfer or credit card: Click here for Two Eight’s giving page for me.

If you’re giving by check, or using a bank billpay service that sends a check: Checks should be made payable to “Two Eight Ministries“, with “N623” in the check memo line. This option saves a few bucks in fees. 🙂
Mailing Address:
Two Eight Ministries
P.O. Box 50038

Indianapolis, IN, 46250
(I can send some remittance envelopes if you want to mail a check yourself – just let me know!!)

If you have questions, please shoot me a note at My last day with Cru is November 5th, and of course, as it happens, I’m out of town working on 5 different Cru events for most of October. So there are a lot of moving parts to juggle, but I’d love to find time to answer any questions you have!

About the transition:
Cru allows me to take 3 months of severance, which is solely funded through your donations. That means there is a 90-day time period where I’ll be working to have all of my ministry partners transition their giving to Two Eight. After November 5th, any donations to Cru that are designated for me will be paid to me as severance. Basically, as donations to Cru end and donations to Two Eight begin, that will help bridge the gap created by our transition.

After those 90 days (after February 5th, 2024) any donation to Cru that is designated for me will go into a general fund, and I have no input or visibility into where that goes.

For more about my work with Two Eight, check the Mission page.