Moving from Cru to Two Eight…

As I shared recently, I have ended my 20-year service with Cru and am now working with Two Eight Ministries, where I will continue to use music to help reach people for Jesus. Like Cru, Two Eight is a 501c3 non-profit missions organization. Founded in 2005, Two Eight’s work is to create music and moments that move people toward Jesus. My role is to serve as Two Eight’s Director of Music Ministry, making sure all of our performance events are compelling and effective.

If you are one of our financial partners and have not already done so, please consider moving your giving to Two Eight! As with Cru, my work with Two Eight is donor-funded, so I’m inviting everyone to transfer their giving.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cru will NOT stop any automated giving – you will need to initiate the transfer (or cessation) of giving to Cru whether or not you move your giving to Two Eight. After February pf 2024, any giving to Cru that had previously been earmarked for me will go to a general fund.

To move your giving to Two Eight, there are two simple steps:
Step 1: Cancel your giving to Cru:
For EFT or Credit/Bank Card giving, email, or call Cru’s Donation Services at (888) 278-7233, options 1, 1.
If you’re giving in a way that initiates from your end (like an autopay of some sort), you will have to stop it on your end with your bank.

Step 2: Start giving to Two Eight:
If you’re giving by bank transfer or credit card: Click here for Two Eight’s giving page for me.

If you’re giving by mailing a check, or using a bank billpay service that mails a check: Checks should be made payable to “Two Eight Ministries“, with “N623” in the check memo line. Then, mail it to:
Two Eight Ministries
P.O. Box 50038
Indianapolis, IN, 46250

For more about my work with Two Eight, check the Mission page. If you have questions, please shoot me a note at – I’d love to connect and answer any questions and share more!