A final update on my transition from Cru to Two Eight…

To get right into it, I want say a deeply heartfelt THANK YOU! for your years of prayer and financial support of my work with Cru!

Twenty-one years ago in 2003, I made the biggest career change I could imagine, leaving the world of corporate I.T. management and pursuing a calling to use music to help make Jesus known anywhere and everywhere that might take me.

That calling took me to the music ministry of Cru, and that work resulted in thousands and thousands of people hearing about Jesus and taking steps of faith in their journey with him. It lead to over 1000 performances in the U.S. and in 12 other countries on 5 of 7 continents.

Now, that calling has meant following the Lord’s leading to work with Two Eight Ministries based in Indianapolis, where I am continuing to do exactly what I was called to 21 years ago. I’m just as excited about it as ever (and maybe a tad wiser for the wear).

I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work these last few months, and that group of students in the photo above is a team of musicians that I coached to lead worship at a large conference recently – I’ll share more about that next update!

This month, I want to share the final update in my vocational transition. January marks the official end of my Cru employment and severance period. So now, any donations to Cru designated for me will instead go into a general fund. (I’m sure Cru will be grateful for your donation, but it will not go to me or my work!)

Two Eight is a 501c3 non-profit missions organization, and my work there is funded by donations just like it was with Cru. So I’d love for you to move your giving to Two Eight if you haven’t already!

Please note: If you are giving to Cru via EFT or other automatic means, Cru will not stop it automatically. You will need to send an email to egift@cru.org or call Cru’s Donation Services at (888) 278-7233, to request that they stop it.

If you’d like to give to Two Eight for my work and prefer to donate by check (or use a bank billpay service that mails a check), checks should be made payable to Two Eight Ministries, with N623 in the check memo line and mailed to:
Two Eight Ministries
P.O. Box 50038
Indianapolis, IN, 46250

If you prefer to give electronically, all of the info on how to do that is at www.scottnaylor.net/change. Of course, I’m happy to talk more about that personally if you have questions! I am always available at the email address above, or at (317) 409 1609.

Next month, I’ll start digging into sharing what we’ve been up to at Two Eight and what we’re planning for this year. It’s a lot, and it involves partnering with Cru’s Campus Ministry, Athletes in Action, and Greek InverVarsity – so I’ll still be working with college ministries and reaching the next generation of student leaders!

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