I’ve spent thousands of hours on stages of various sorts, usually holding a guitar. And I’ve spent many hundreds of hours offstage, usually wearing some sort of comm headset helping produce the musical experiences on stage, usually in the effort to create moments where Jesus can put on display for people to either learn about or worship in all of his brilliance and beauty.

What I can tell you is that the time you have with an audience or congregation is FAR too important not to be memorable, excellent, and inspiring.

Whether I’m playing guitar, serving as music director for the band, or serving offstage producing the experience, my passion and calling is to use music to create moments that move people. And for over 20 years, I’ve served as administrative director, music producer and performing musician for organizations ranging from local churches and grassroots local outreaches to megachurches and Cru, which is the largest parachurch missions organization in the world. I have lead teams and performed extensively throughout the U.S. and countries in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

My work has made me a trusted partner in designing the musical worship experiences for some of Cru’s largest and most strategic conference events impacting many thousands of college students and professional ministry staff. I collaboratively guide the production of recordings and performances for independent artists and for the organizations I serve. As a professional musician, I serve as music director, guitarist and clinician for ministries, artists and churches in the Indianapolis area.

I choose to work primarily in faith-based spaces because I believe music is one of the most powerful tools available to help bring the eternal and transcendent into the everyday.

On Earth as it is in Heaven, one might even say.

Everything I do is driven by the desire to help artists and teams move beyond merely getting through the song, and focus on creating moments that move people.