Young Isaac hits the road!

So, I mentioned that I’m off the road this summer. All of us at Keynote are working on Keynote’s “Summer Project”, a 7-week internship of sorts where we bring in students and train them to do the sort of ministry we do. This year, as part of our project, 7 bands will hit the road next week for a 3-week tour.

My job is to be music director for one of the bands, ‘Young Isaac’. It has been a blast to put together music and write or arrange parts for the musicians – and have them come up with some on their own as well. I run their rehearsals and decide artistically how they’ll work with the songs they play and how they sound overall. But the most fun has been watching them become more than they were when they got here – musically and spiritually.

A month ago, they were eight strangers, and now they are a really cool acoustic rock band, ready to hit the road on tour. Should be fun to see how they do! I will not go on tour with them – there are 2 people from Keynote’s full-time staff who direct the band overall, along with me as music director. The other 2 will go on tour with the band – so I won’t get to see the 12 or 13 shows they have booked, but I’ll get updates.

And I’ll pass those along…