Winding down…

So, I’m sitting here at the Keynote office, just back in town from doing some gigs in Kentucky, on our final tour of the year. We are running downtown today to play at Wheeler Mission, an inner-city homeless shelter.

It’s our last gig of the touring year – we spend November and December integrating new people (we are losing a member and gaining another for next year), putting together a new set, and doing some goal-setting and other ministry prep stuff.

Next year, I’ll actually co-direct the band and take on some new responsibilities. I have a few ideas to hash out creatively, and it will be fun to start in on a new season. But for now, this is the end of this version of blue sky nine.

Between touring here in the states, a tour in Egypt, and our Summer Project where I produced an acoustic pop/rock band for 7 weeks, it has been quite a year. And it’s been a year in which I told my story more and had a guitar in my hands more, and saw those things get used by God to influence people’s lives more than any other year in my life.

Not a bad year at all. But I am looking forward to being home and doing some thinking and praying before setting out on tour again next January. I might even leave the guitars packed away for a while.

A week, maybe.