Winding down 2013

As the last update of the year, here’s an update on our family.  Below is the text from our non-theatrical annual update letter.

N_14Merry Christmas from the Naylors!

As we draw to the end of 2013, we wanted to give you an update on what, and how, our family is doing!

Sarah is now in 8th grade. She is the president of her school’s chapter of Best Buddies, which serves developmentally challenged students. In fact, Sarah had to fly (by herself) to go the Best Buddies conference this summer. ($8 for in-flight WiFi = money well spent.) She continues to play piano, does rifles in Color Guard, babysits whenever she can, and is almost as tall as Rachel. Actually, by the time you read this, she may have passed her.  At 14, she’s not old enough to drive, but would if she could.

Rachel is in her sophomore year in high school. She’s managing the basketball team, and doing peer tutoring. She’s involved in leadership with Cru (a student ministry), and is involved with Campus Life (a different student ministry). She still does babysitting gigs, and volunteers at church with Jr. High kids and toddlers.  At 16, she’s old enough to drive, but (inexplicably) has no desire to.

Jen spends a lot of time being the girls’ taxi driver, but hopes that Rachel can pick up some of that work as soon as we get her behind the wheel!  In April, our house got damaged hit by a hailstorm and she spent a lot of time overseeing all the house repairs (siding, roof, water damage, etc.).  When Scott was on tour in the fall, she took on the task of re-decorating the master bedroom – she painted the whole room, stripped and painted all the furniture, and installed a ceiling fan!  She continues to volunteer at church and at Rachel’s high school as well, and rides horses with friends as often as she can.

I (Scott) continue to serve as Director of Artists at Keynote, overseeing the all of the musical outreach efforts. I led the music team for a conference in Spain early in the year, and Jennifer got to go along – it was first time we have travelled together overseas!  I took another band on a month-long tour in India (my third one!) in the fall, and we got to see thousands of lives impacted. I’m still serving as an elder at our church and working with the music team there as well.

All in all, we have enjoyed another healthy and interesting year watching our kids grow up, doing work we’re passionate about, and trying to navigate the waters of parenting teenage girls.

Much love from our place to yours.  Drop us an email, or drop in when you’re in town, or whatever. We’d love to hear from you!