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mongolian whirlwind. photo credit: wikipedia

Back  January, I took a team to Spain to lead worship for a conference of international missionaries serving in dozens of other countries (the previous post featured some lessons learned from that trip).

One of my favorite things was that, several times, people told us “Thanks for coming to serve us – we never get to do this in ___________ (whatever country they’re serving in).”

Getting to worship publicly, in community, and in your heart language is something we can do each week – but it’s just one of many things they’ve given up to follow their call. It’s a privilege to serve them.

That trip also helps to expand the relationship with Cru’s Global Missions division, which leads to opportunities for evangelical outreach tours like the ones I’ve done in India, Mongolia, Egypt, Romania, South Korea, and etc. I’m excited about the potential projects that may come out of that partnership.

After coming home from Spain, I headed to Cru’s HQ in Orlando for some leadership and strategic meetings, and I’ll head back there in a week or so for another music project.

Then, I’ll be home for a while!

In other news, my good friend and Keynote’s Executive Director Chris Zaugg is following God’s call to leave Cru to work in the private sector. He’ll work with a software company that has a heart to impact the marketplace missionally.  That will mean some organizational changes at Keynote, but what will NOT change is our passion and calling to use music and other forms of creative communication to share the gospel all around the world.

As you may know, I worked in the private sector for 18 years in I.T. before following God’s call to leave that career and join Cru. So I’m excited for Chris – because I know what a radical career change is like. Because of that, I know that whenever you have to trust God in a way you never have before, you will experience His presence in a way you never have before, and learn things about His character that you never knew before. 

So, the whirlwind of projects, traveling, and changes blows on. Grateful that God is unchanging!