What do 3 prisons in Kansas, Ft. Knox, and Romania have in common?

…they’re all stops on the blue sky nine 2010 tour!

We’re at about the midpoint, and I’m in and out of home a little bit. And by a ‘little bit’, I mean it’s enough to be here for Sarah’s 11th birthday this week, but not enough to catch any of Rachel’s soccer games on the weekends.

We just got back from 5 days in Kansas working with some prisons; we saw a lot of guys get their freedom in a spiritual sense, even if not in a legal sense. We play Ft. Knox this weekend – I’m looking forward to that; we usually play for about 700-800 recruits, and it’s always fun.

Then, we head overseas to Romania! The tour is coming together; there is a daily flow of emails at this point to nail down all the tour details. We’re playing for several events that are not on this calendar, but below is the ‘public’ tour calendar for the Romanian tour. (click to enlarge it).

Should be cool… stay tuned here for pictures and stories!