What a difference a year makes…

I haven’t posted anything in a while, and thought I’d jot down this observation.

This time last year, I had just quit my ‘day’ job and trusted God to get our financial support team to a point where we could take a full-time assignment with Keynote. I had been working ‘on the side’ with Keynote and raising our support part-time while I worked a full-time job in Information Technology (which had a one-hour commute each way!). It had been hard, and we were ready for the change, but it was still a big leap of faith. Of course, I wouldn’t be writing if God hadn’t met us there. We were able to take our full-time assignment late in the summer.

So now, one year later, I’ve played guitar for a live worship record as well as a couple of smaller recording projects, and played with ministries in Colorado, California, Minnesota, Istanbul, Turkey and Dushanbe, Tajikistan. And those projects are outside of my assignment to a touring band!

blue sky nine (yes, deliberately un-capitalized), the band I am touring with, is getting ready to go on tour in the upper midwest area (Wisconsin, etc) next week. We’ll be back home for the last half of February, and then we go to Egypt for a couple of weeks in March.

Check our tour dates, demo recordings, and other info at http://www.blueskynine.net/

Anyway, I’m amazed at what has happened in the last year. I guess I shouldn’t be – this is what happens when you trust God for God-sized things…

– s