western tour recap

Well, blue sky nine just got back home from being out west on tour for 3 weeks.

We had a great time working with a bunch of different campus ministries doing outreach and/or promo events to get their years kicked off.  And at the UMOM center in Phoenix, AZ, we made some homeless women and families laugh, smile, dance and sing. That’s a pretty big win.

some highlights:

  • We almost ran over the president of Mesa State College in Grand Junction, CO (if you believe HIS version of the story)
  • Our sound board got hit by lawn sprinklers in campus quads… twice
  • We spent $535 on trailer repairs at two different shops in two different cities in the same day trying to get home
  • We played a gig where I could literally see Pike’s Peak from the stage in Colorado Springs, CO
  • We hiked to Delicate Arch (and other things) in Arches Nat’l Park in Utah on a day off (below):

  • So, all in all – 23 days, 10 concerts, and over 5000 miles. We replaced 2 leaf springs and 1 tire on the trailer and crossed the contintenal divide twice.

    A small handful of people made pretty significant decisions about their relationships with God; hundreds more were challenged to think about it. Many of them indicated that they want more dialogue about spiritual things, which means our concert hosts are thrilled to have new people to engage in spiritual conversations with.

    But… my favorite moment? Getting a comment card from one of the gals at the UMOM Center in Phoenix that said “The guitar player with the long hair… now THAT’s what I call eye candy…”.

    And no, I am not kidding. You can’t make this stuff up.