We’re going back to Poland…

…and while all of our shows may not look as cool as the one shown above from our 2018 tour, I believe this tour will be even more strategic. Next week, I’ll head back to Poland playing guitar with the band ‘Stone’, and we’ll perform at city-wide music festivals, a handful of college shows, and other community outreach concerts.

At each one, we’ll share how our lives have been transformed by Jesus.  But, for as much as I love seeing our how music and concerts can create moments where people encounter Jesus, that’s not what I’m most excited about.

This will be the third band we’ve sent to Poland as part of an ongoing partnership with Next Generation Mission (NGM for short), an organization that brings musicians, choirs and bands into Poland (and other countries) for the sake of sharing the gospel.  But, NGM has no permanent staff in Poland, and that makes it a little more difficult to connect people (who will have heard about Jesus from us) to other believers for ongoing spiritual conversations and discipleship.

However… Cru does have permanent staff in Poland!  This is why I am excited about this tour – we’re working in conjunction with Cru’s staff in some of the cities so they can connect with people after the concerts for follow-up. 

So, aside from praying that many people respond to the gospel, we’re hoping for two other strategic results: One is that Cru’s Polish staff can begin to work in conjunction with NGM for the other touring artists they bring over. The other is that we can work directly with Cru’s Polish staff to pursue other outreach opportunities apart from NGM’s tours.

Basically, any way we can help engineer more outreach events and more follow-up and discipleship, it’s a huge win!

On the home front, our daughter Sarah (19) is finishing her freshman year at Purdue University, and Rachel (21) is finishing her junior year at Indiana University. They’ll get home from school just as I head into rehearsals for Poland, but by the time I get back, they’ll have already left for the summer. Rachel will work at a summer camp, and Sarah will head back to Purdue to take some engineering classes over the summer.

So sadly, our time together as a whole family this summer will amount to about a week right before I leave, but it’s a sacrifice we decided to make when we planned the tour.

Thinking about it makes me all that much more grateful for the sacrifices YOU make every month as you partner with us. Thanks so much for giving and praying for our ministry – you’re a blessing!!

Please pray…
…for our team as we perform, and for the NGM and Polish Cru staff members to build the framework for a more robust ongoing partnership.  As much as we want to add  people to God’s kingdom, we want to multiply the opportunities for people to hear about Jesus no matter who is performing!