Waking up to the Blood Moon

I slept through the Blood Moon. Again.

But, I woke up and saw some beautiful pictures, so I guess the world didn’t end.

Here’s the deal. The Sun, Earth and Moon interact in very specific ways and on very specific cycles. Some are ~28 days (lunar orbit); some ~365 days (Earth’s orbit), and some ~26,000 years (the Earth’s axial precession). Those cycles cause specific things to happen with the way we see the sky and the objects in it.

It’s all very amazing, and speaks to the intricacy of our design and designer. But, I digress.

Having 4 blood moons a row, and them corresponding to the Hebrew feasts of Passover and Sukkoth (which are based on the lunar calendar) is something that, mathematically, is just going to happen every so often, and in fact has happened 8 times in the last 2000 years – when the world also did not end.

I did sort of want to see it, but I overslept and missed it. But I’m okay if the world doesn’t end. I’m okay if a red moon is just pretty, because it fixes my mind on its creator, not what it might mean. Obsession with end-times prophecy is something I just sort of left behind a long time ago. I’m pretty happy to focus on why I am here now, instead of worrying about when I, or the rest of the world, will end.

The nature of prophecy is to be fuzzy through the windshield and clear in the rear-view mirror. And maybe, it changes how we view our journey.

The nature of the Kingdom of God is that it happens right here, right now, while we’re driving – and it absolutely should change how we love the people with us in the car.