Vision, calling and gratitude

As I shared in a recent post, I recently got the chance to take a (long overdue) sabbatical. Not just a month-long vacation from work (or even thinking about work), but a chance to completely disengage from those things, pursue God, and focus on my own growth and wholeness.

The first thing I experienced was an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I am grateful that taking a sabbatical is even an option! And I’m even more grateful for you, our partners in ministry. We simply could not do any of this without your faithful giving and prayers. I know that ultimately, your giving and sacrifices are an offering to God, but let me say a heart-felt ‘Thank you!’ for making the support of our work part of your sacrifices.

During my sabbatical, I got a chance to process my own sense of calling. And by ‘calling’, I don’t mean my current role as the leader of Cru’s performing artists, or even my career as a missionary, but my overall calling to make disciples and to incarnate part of God’s character and heart into this world – which happens through the lens of my unique passions, talents, tasks, roles, and careers.

Pulling back from a ‘role-based’ sense of calling helps you see that it’s not a static ‘job’, but something than evolves over the course of 3-4 decades. That vantage point guards against having a false sense of urgency about any particular success or failure. I’ve had plenty of both, and I can see how they all play into the long-term arc of what God is making me into.

Your calling is more about what you are BECOMING than about what you are DOING.

I will always be passionate about music and art and the great amount of influence it can have to help people encounter Jesus, grow in their faith, and be launched into a lifetime of ministry.

But my vision is bigger than that – it’s to use whatever gifts I have to see people rise above their fears and live out of how God has uniquely created them, no matter WHAT their specific talents are.

Soon enough, I’ll get back to sharing about the work our teams are doing. But I needed to let you know what God has been up to in my own life, and again say ‘THANKS!!’ for being SUCH an important part of it.

P.S. – The photo, taken by my friend JJ McCleary, is me talking a walk on the Rock of Gibraltar earlier this year. Didn’t have a picture to go with ‘vision’, so I went with ‘contemplative’ instead.

Please pray…
Right now, I’m in a season of working to expand our team of financial ministry partners. Please pray that God will help us find the right people to join our team in giving and prayer the way you have! We’re trusting God to provide for our needs so we can start our next season of ministry. I’m eager to get back in the game, but can’t until this part of the work is done.