Recently, while discussing our work and music and travel and everything, an old friend made the comment that in a lot of ways, my life had been leading up to this for a long time.

Hmmm. Was it that obvious? Because for most of that time, it really wasn’t to me.

I can look back on life and easily point to many ‘defining moments’ – moments where something really interesting or challenging or confusing took place, and I got to be or do more than usual. They were not so much moments where I defined myself, but moments when the things that are true of me (and how I was created) poked through and revealed something bigger.

As I ponder those moments, some common themes emerge. Music, spirituality, and relationships always seemed to be at the center of what was going on. Some of those moments were much more radical than others in terms of the life-change that they caused. Some were very painful and revealed things that needed stripped out of my life; others were joyful and showed me what to focus on.

What they really had, though, is a trajectory. They were leading somewhere; pointing to something.

The first 30 years of my life were more defined by the in-between moments. Days, months, or years of ‘day-in, day-out’ living that did nothing to show me any greater sense of identity, purpose or mission. If I look at those years in general and try to guess what I should do to find the next ‘defining moment’, I might as well throw $500 on 21 and spin the wheel.

But if I look at the trajectory, I get a pretty good idea of the sorts of things I am wired for; the sorts of things God has built into me that need to come out. It seems to me that’s one of the big ways God speaks our calling to us.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that it will probably line up with your passions, talents and spiritual giftings. It’s not an ‘easy’ button; you’ll still need to actively trust God and depend on his word to instruct you and his Spirit to guide you. But those moments are a pretty good start in figuring out what direction you’re supposed to be heading.

So. What’s your trajectory?