To the ends of the Earth

Recently, I went with a team to lead worship for Cru’s STINT Briefing conference in Chicago. ‘STINT’ stands for ‘Short-Term International’, and the conference is where about 415 recent college graduates are equipped to go overseas for a year, helping start spiritual movements by working with Cru’s ongoing efforts in dozens ofcountries spread across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Leading worship and talking with the STINT-ers has been really meaningful. This is the last time most ofthem will get to worship in English until we go see them to lead worship at their mid-year conferences in the spring.

While at the conference, they meet their teams and get training for their assignments.  So we’re just one small part of the effort to send them to the ends of the Earth, so that people can hear about Jesus.

In other news, we were out in Colorado in July for our U.S. Staff Conference. For the first time since we’ve been working with Cru, Jennifer and I got to attend a conference as ‘regular’ people – our music teams were not involved with leading worship this time around, so we got a well-enjoyed reprieve from the mania of working the conference.

It was great to focus on hearing our leadership address the issues facing our organization, and hearing how we are growing in our ability to understand the multiple cultural contexts we’re trying to effectively minister in.  It was also good to hear from ministry thought leaders like Andy Crouch and Francis Chan and many others.

So now, I’m home from Chicago, and am doing some administrative planning for our team’s year, and then start getting ready for our tour in India. We’ll leave September 29th and get back October 29th – just a little over 4 weeks. We’ll do outreach concerts in 5 or 6 different cities as well as training.  This will be my 4th outreach tour in India, and I’m excited to go back.

I’ll write more about that next time, when (by faith) we have some more details nailed down!

Whether it’s using music to help send other people to the ends of the Earth, or actually going there myself, it’s a privilege to serve. Thanks for serving with us through your giving and prayers!

Please pray…

  • On the home front, Sarah sustained a mild concussion during color guard practice, after hitting her head on the ground while practicing part of a routine involving back-bends. She has had recurrent headaches since the incident. Please pray that there are no long-term effects.
  • Also – we have a Spanish foreign exchange student named Krizia living with us this fall. We’ve excited to have her with us! Please pray that this will be a meaningful experience for all of us.