They became Young Isaac…

Well, it’s all over but the shouting.

Keynote’s Summer Project 2008 is over – it was two very busy months for me, and a life-changing experience for the 70 or so students on the project. The band I directed musically and helped coach, ‘Young Isaac’ (below), had a great time, and bonded really well as a team.

In seven weeks, they went from being complete strangers to being a band on tour with great stage presence, a relevant spiritual message – and they sounded GREAT!

I suppose that I am a bit biased. But they had a really cool pop/rock acoustic vibe, and were very flexible musically (and personally). Which was good, because they had to adapt to playing gigs with a full drum kit (more on the ‘rock’ side) and just percussion (more of the coffee-house acoustic vibe), all the way to playing completely un-electrified outside in Harvard Square.

Seriously. They actually had to get street performer’s licenses from Cambridge, Massachussetts for that gig. Cool souvenier.

Anyway, here are some stats for the entire Summer Project:
Bands: 7
Road miles driven: 23,407
Concerts: 93
People who heard the gospel: 13,090
People who began a relationship with God: 349

Students who got stretched, challenged, eternally changed and ruined for lesser dreams because of the experience of being on Project: 70

Young Isaac 2008
Back row: Me (staff), Alex, John, Ed, Owen, Laura (staff), Seth (staff)
Front row: Becca, Kristin, Arwen, Ashleyne