“The whole conference would have been wasted…”

Most of my work lately has been producing music for large conferences.

Being behind-the-scenes means I don’t immediately hear the stories of how students’ lives are impacted. Our team got this story from Cru campus ministry staff at Purdue University after the Indianapolis Winter Conference, and I wanted to pass it along:

“During our campus time after the last session, we had some time for people to share how God had been moving in their lives during Winter Conference. One student got up and shared about his week. He said that up to that point in his life, his faith journey had been very selfish. He had been looking for ways that he could earn his position in God’s kingdom and he often found himself finding his worth in how much he was doing, whether that was being more involved at church or reading his Bible more or anything like that.

At Winter Conference, he had the same mindset, where he would go to a seminar wondering how it would benefit him. During evangelism he would wonder how he could be doing better, and he completely forgot that Jesus has already paid it all, and that the Spirit within us is what does the work of changing someone’s heart.

He said that he wouldn’t have been able to realize all of that if he hadn’t been convicted while singing “Yet Not I but Through Christ in Me”. He said that if he hadn’t seen those lyrics on the screen, the whole conference would have been wasted putting himself at the center of his spiritual walk. That song allowed him to be humbled before the Lord.”

I love that the words to worship songs can be the thing that helps people turn the corner from their faith being a matter of “things you do” to a matter of “whose you are”.

Behind-the-scenes at the 2022 Virtual Winter Conference

The musical worship experiences we help create are an extremely powerful catalyst to life change, and I’m again humbled to get to be part of creating them. (Also, “Yet not I, but through Christ in me” may be my favorite new worship song of the last few years. It’s worth checking out on whatever platform you listen to new music.)

Thank you once again for the sacrifices and prayers that make our work possible. Whether we hear the stories sooner or later, we know that lives are being changed for eternity and you are a crucial part of how we’re able to be part of it.

Please pray…
Right now, Cru is having to quickly make changes regarding how we do short-term ministry in Ukraine and Russia, and it’s possible that this whole situation will have long-term implications. Whatever else may be true, the civilian populations in both countries are, or will soon be, suffering greatly. Please pray God will enable our staff to help however we can.