(The Republic of) Georgia on my mind…

Just a week or so ago, our band ‘Stone’ returned from Australia. While we may not know (at least in this lifetime) the full impact they had, my friend Teresa (the band’s vocalist) passed along this report:

“I still don’t have the official numbers yet, but we shared the gospel with over 2,400 students over the course of the three weeks and about 245 indicated decisions to accept Christ!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!! 

The ministry we got to have here was just amazing and to see God work through us in spite of so many obstacles was humbling and so rewarding. We’re grateful for each opportunity we had and pray that, as the hosts follow up with these students, that the seeds that were planted landed on good soil and will take root and grow up into maturity in the Lord.”

And now, even as I write this, another team is heading out to the Republic of Georgia.

Over the course of this spring, we had many conversations with Cru’s staff in Tbilisi. Some of them are musicians, and there are also musically-inclined students involved in their movements. They wanted to develop some performing-based outreach strategies, and we eventually decided to send a training team to work with their students and staff. They’ll learn how to put together a music-based outreach program that can help them get into spiritual conversations on campuses and other places.

Our team will not only train them conceptually, but will also form a band with the Georgian staff and do some concerts while they’re there – so they will get first-hand experience, and we can coach them in real-time.

Projects like this are a tremendous opportunity for us to MULTIPLY our efforts – we train them and give them the tools, and then they can do their own concerts and develop their own strategies, tailored to their culture and opportunities.

In other news…
Our oldest daughter Rachel is settling in at Indiana University and is doing well adjusting to life as a college freshman. And Sarah, who turns 17 this week, has been completely medically released from the treatment for the concussion she sustained last year in a school activity. Thanks for keeping them in your prayers.

We pray you’re experiencing God’s presence and peace as we move into the Fall. We’re grateful for the part you play in our work!

Please pray…
We’ve seen God continue to provide for us as we work to expand our team of ministry partners, but there is more work ahead. Please continue to pray that God will help us find the right people to join our team in giving and prayer the way you have!  It’s great to share about our teams that travel abroad, but I’m eager to get back out there myself!