The OTHER epidemic: Opioid addiction

For the last 10 years or so, I’ve worked in partnership with my friend Eric Maitlen, who runs Two/Eight, an Indianapolis-based ministry that uses music and video for ministry and outreach purposes (
Eric and I work together a handful of times every year. I’ve sent him to lead worship for Cru events, and I’ve played guitar for outreach concerts and recordings for his events as well. It’s been a great partnership between two music-based ministries. One of Two/Eight’s unique projects is to host concert events called “Our Story, Our Time” that bring awareness, hope, and healing to communities and families dealing with Opioid addiction, which the CDC classifies as an epidemic.

It’s an epidemic that Covid-19 is only making worse.

This month, I’m playing for 3 of these shows in 3 different communities that are all hosted in partnership with local addiction recovery centers and counseling agencies. These events help connect people to local resources for treatment, and help break the dual stigmas of addiction and of getting help.

The photo above was from the first of the three outdoor (socially-distanced, of course) events earlier this month. I meant to get a picture of the audience of 150 or so, but I was preoccupied with playing notes and chords and stuff. 

The music and program shared the hope of the gospel, and people from the community shared stories of both loss and redemption. There are usually local churches involved in sponsoring the events, and I think that’s what I appreciate the most – these programs are helping propel good work that is already happening on a local level. We’re just coming in to give it a boost with our event.

Working with Two/Eight and playing for these events is a unique way that I can use my relationships, abilities and influence to do what I’m called to do. And, it also helps expand the visibility and credibility of Cru’s Artist Team. But if I’m honest, it was just fun to get outside and play live music for people again!

We pray often for your health and protection. Thanks for being part of how God provides for us so that we help make Jesus known to all sorts of people in all sorts of situations.

Drop us a line any time if there’s some specific way we can be praying for you! 

Please pray
Rachel and Sarah are still in their respective locations (Rachel is working at a camp in South Carolina, and Sarah is a junior at Purdue University). We’re praying that they can safely stay in those locations throughout the fall without having to come home due to Covid-19 restrictions!