The Land Down Under

Right now, somewhere in Sydney, Australia, is a band called Stone. That’s them, above, at the Sydney Opera House in the obligatory “Just to prove we were in Australia” photo.

For 10 years or so, we’ve sent artists there in partnership with Cru’s Australian Creative Arts ministry, which is called CRAM. This year’s team is very similar to the ‘Stone’ band that went to India last fall, with the noteworthy exception that I am not in it.

And believe me… that’s NOT because I don’t want to personally work to expand the partnership with CRAM, or because I don’t want to see Australia!

It’s because, during this season of our lives, the most important thing is that I focus on expanding our team of ministry partners, and taking a month out of that for this tour would have made that more difficult.

So, we assembled a band with a volunteer guitarist, who has done a handful of other projects with us over the years, and who is a GREAT addition to the team.

And, in addition to filling out the touring roster, it’s a great way to involve other people in our mission, and I’m happy to step aside for that!

Australia’s public school system has an optional ‘religion’ curriculum that students can choose, and the CRAM staff have developed relationships with key faculty members in schools around Sydney. Because of that academic option, our bands can come and perform in public school settings, and they’re able to share openly about who Jesus is, and how to follow Him.

It’s an incredibly strategic open door for ministry, and that’s a big part of why we send artists there every year – it’s a great way to accelerate the ministry that our friends in Australia are doing. Stone will also do some outreaches on college campuses, and then help lead worship for a Cru leadership conference before returning in mid-September.

In other news, we just got Rachel all moved in on the campus of Indiana University for her freshman year. That has been WAY more emotionally difficult than we expected! We’re trusting God in new ways, as we transition to a half-empty nest and watch her begin a new chapter of life.

So pray for Rachel, AND for us!

Please know that we’re grateful for your partnership in ALL the various forms our life’s ministry takes!

Please pray…
My focus in this season is to expand our team of financial ministry partners. Please pray that God will help us find the right people to join our team in giving and prayer the way you have! We’re trusting God to provide for our needs so we can re-engage in our next season of ministry fully supplied and undistracted.