The Gap Theory – Indian Tour Recap

Well, The Gap Theory‘s 2012 India tour is in the books. Pretty sure none of us are operating on the proper time zone yet… but here’s the recap:

What we did:

  • 15 full-length concerts where we shared the gospel clearly (and, of course, rocked like a proverbial hurricane)
  • 1 all-day music and ministry training seminar
  • 6 ‘drop-in’ partial performance appearances (anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour)
  • 1 outreach concert started, but cancelled after 2 songs due to rain (had to strike the stage in a downpour)

What it did to us:

  • Miles travelled = ~20000 (includes air and road miles in-country)
  • Kilometers travelled (since India is all metric and stuff): ~32000
  • % of those miles / kilometers that were bumpy, cramped, and hot: 100
  • Nights spent sleeping in airports: 1 (but, the Delhi airport is very new)
  • Replacement guitar electronics that got blown up by faulty AC power at a gig: $750 (not my favorite day)
  • Extra airline baggage fees: $1900 (note: International flights charge for EVERY checked bag!)
  • 1 PreSonus Digital Sound Console damaged somehow (repairs to be arranged in U.S.)

Why we’d do it again in a heartbeat:

  • ~8000 people heard the gospel presented clearly (our average audience was around 500)
  • 1564 people indicated that they’d either decided to receive Christ, or that they wanted more contact from the local ministries about Jesus! (Our numbers are VERY conservative estimates; the actual numbers are certainly higher, but we only count what we can absolutely verify. So at LEAST 1564 people responded to the gospel by receiving Christ or taking some sort of step closer to Him.)
  • 2 Hindu Universities (that have NEVER had a Christian outreach on campus before) not only invited us back, but are now open to further contact from the campus ministries we partnered with!

In the end, it was the most strategic tour I have ever done in terms of helping the local ministries push forward. And pretty much all of the campuses invited us back next year!

It was also by far the most grueling tour I’ve ever done, and I’m glad to be home.

So who knows about next year. But for now… sleep.
Well, sleep, and a burger.