The ‘Fly-Over’ tour…

Well, blue sky nine is back on the road. We’ve been doing gigs in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa, and head out this weekend to Nebraska for about two weeks of playing campuses there.

I know the term ‘fly-over’ states is probably not a term of endearment, but I have never seen so much corn and soybeans in my life. And I grew up in Indiana!

So as you read this, say a quick prayer for Jennifer and the girls, and for me too. This will be a longer tour outing, and it gets a little old for them with me gone. I think it also gets old for them with me here, but it’s a different kind of ‘old’…

Anyway, Jennifer is coming home from a week of training in Orlando at CCC’s headquarters right as I leave, so we don’t have any real overlap. We’ll basically not see each other for about 3 weeks. We knew this might happen once in a while when we decided I would take a touring assigment, so it’s no surprise. But times like this are when things can get difficult, so any extra prayers would be great!

It never ceases to amaze me the opposition we get to our work, and where it comes from. Not to over-spiritualize things, but spiritual warfare is a very real thing and we can use your prayers as we head out to let people know about Christ’s love for them.

So, I’m off to Cornhusker land. Will update soon. Yee-Haw!