Thank you, Virginia, and good night!!

They didn’t know we weren’t rock stars.

Normally, we wouldn’t have told them otherwise, but they did ask if we were famous and I felt compelled by my sense of honesty, justice, and logic to tell them the truth.

So I told them that we’re not really that famous. And my sense is that if people have to ask if you are famous, it probably means you’re not.

But anyway, about 130 kids at York Middle School in Virginia treated us like rock stars just the same, and when it came time to talk about spiritual things, they listened. Several of them were visibly moved and many of them (40 or so) responded in a way that the local concert hosts can follow up with. Those students had either asked for more dialogue about spiritual things, or decided that they want to begin a relationship with God.

I am thrilled that our work was what got them talking about it (that is, after all, what we do!). And that was a nice note on which to end our Virgina/North Carolina tour, which wrapped up blue sky nine’s spring touring season.

Now, I am working for the summer as musical director for one of Keynote’s Summer Project bands. The Summer Project is where we bring in students from all over the country, train them, and give them direction as communicators and musicians. We guide them as they become bands, and provide leadership as we send them out on the road for a few weeks to do the same things that we do during the rest of the year.

It’s a great opportunity to develop leaders, influence artists, and see lives changed. I am excited about getting to be part of the leadership that helps them do that.

I’ll post more as things develop, especially as the band that I ‘ll direct music for comes together.

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