2010 in the rear-view mirror

missions and ministry
[singlepic id=28 w=240 h=180 float=right]Yup. It's the 'Holiday Update Letter', only in convenient 'online' form. Here's the quick re-cap. In 2010, neither of us changed jobs. We didn't have any more kids. We still have Sophie, the cute-and-comforting-but-useless-as-a-watchdog Bichon. We still live in Fishers. No huge changes. Now, the longer version... Scott continues to travel the globe playing music with blue sky nine. Last year, we got to do some amazing work (including an 8-city tour in Romania!) and we saw many, many lives changed for eternity (click here for a video re-cap featuring music from blue sky nine). Jennifer, when not being a taxi driver for the girls and their activities, continues to ride horses whenever possible and enjoys her girlfriends, and does home-improvement projects while Scott is on…
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Merry Christmas!

(click to enlarge picture...) So, it's Christmas day and I just now got to read all the holiday letters from people that we have received. It really makes me nostalgic - many of them are friends who we don't see often, or who have moved away, or whatever. Several years back, while playing guitar for the TCX confefence in Minneapolis (a big student conference that happens the week between Christmas and New Year's), I met my friend Galen Collins, who worked as the live event producer - he worked with the conference planners, lighting, sound and tech people, and all that, to make sure the event went off as planned. It's a big job, and he had done it for many other artists and events. Because of that, he had…
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