Isn’t it beautiful?

artistry and excellence
I work as the leader of a team of missional artists, and we create a lot of different things. Songs, videos, stories, live performances, and stuff. All of those things, at some point or another, are designed to bring people to the point of engaging in a spiritual conversation. This week, one of our artists released a spoken word piece called 'Isn't it Beautiful?'. Give it a watch. oe __ Isn't it beautiful? Here's a thought - Post it on a friend's wall. Send a link to someone who needs reminded. Show your husband, or wife, or whoever. Ask 'Why?', and see what sort of conversations YOU get into!
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Back from India

missions and ministry
My latest project, a band called The Gap Theory, has successfully returned from our tour in India. We had a great time, playing shows on college campuses and in public concert centers in the cities of Hyderabad and Chennai. India's population is about 80% Hindu and 15% Muslim, so we weren't certain how we'd be received. But as we hoped, it turns out being an american rock band is a big deal there, and we found a great audience for our music, stories, and spiritual discussion. There were several settings where we were asked (and allowed) to share openly about our faith, and to extend an invitation for people to begin a relationship with Christ. In those cases, we saw about 40 percent of our audiences indicate that they had…
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every picture tells a story

I work for an organization called Keynote. We do a lot of stuff involving graphics and art and music and technology and we use it to help people understand that God loves them. Wanna know that looks like? Watch this. oe
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