Summer: Sabbatical, and surgery…

Every handful of years, I’m able to take a sabbatical and get some time away from playing and producing music, project planning, and other stuff. It’s a time to pull away and get some rest and refreshment.

But… right as I was starting to think about what to do with my downtime (other than address some neglected landscaping issues in our yard…), some of the decision was made for me.

I was recently visiting one of our partnering churches, during which I played guitar with their worship team, shared about our work with an adult Sunday School class, and spent time with some individual ministry partners afterward. The whole visit, I had cramp in my upper abdomen, which I just figured was digestive stress due to poor dietary decision-making the night before.

However, when Jennifer and I got home, I felt a lump above my navel. 4 hours in the E.R. and a cat scan later, and we determined I have a ventral hernia that will need to be addressed surgically.

So, I guess that finally settles it. I’m not 25 anymore.

Definitely NOT the paperwork I thought I’d be doing to prepare for sabbatical…

On June 10th, I’ll have surgery and then recover at home for a week or so. And then, I’ll spend the next 5-6 weeks NOT lifting anything heavier than 15 pounds.

So much for getting to the yardwork.

I guess if something like this HAS to happen, I’m glad it was during a season of downtime. This will keep me from doing anything too physically demanding, which is probably the right idea for sabbatical in the first place, since it’s supposed to be restful. I’ll just add some more books to my sabbatical reading list.

During my downtime, the rest of our team is working on a summer outreach band and some other projects, and then we’ll start planning for the fall.

As of this writing, Cru’s offices in Indianapolis are now re-opened, and with vaccination numbers rising and restrictions lifting, we’re hopeful that the fall will mean we can resume a lot of in-person performances and other ‘normal’ ministry.

Please pray…
…for my surgery recovery! Shouldn’t be terribly complicated, as long as I follow the doctor’s orders (which I plan to). Also, would love your prayers for the rest of my sabbatical time – that I can rest and refresh mentally and spiritually and be ready for a new season of ministry for the fall and beyond.