So, I got to visit the E.R. in Thailand…

Late in January, I went with a team to Chiang Mai, Thailand to lead worship for ~500 of Cru’s international missionaries serving throughout Asia. I had a residual cough from having been sick in January, but had been cleared to travel by a doctor. By the time I arrived in Thailand, however, my cough had become a full-on acute asthma attack which devolved into bronchitis over the next few days.

I’ve dealt with asthma all my life, but my normal meds (which are always with me) were not getting the job done, and with concerns of Coronavirus consuming everyone’s thoughts, I headed to the E.R. After the doctors ruled out Coronavirus, I got a chest X-ray to rule out pneumonia and other things.  Having determined that it was only asthmatic bronchitis, they prescribed a few medications to help.

Then, I went to pay the bill.

I had to pay in cash, since our insurance (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) doesn’t really work overseas. The total bill (for the visit, X-ray and three prescriptions) ended up coming to 2037 Thai baht.

2037 Thai baht, as it turns out, is about $67. So at least that part wasn’t painful!

I was miserable the entire time, but our team served the conference well, and we heard over and over again how much of a blessing it was for people to get to worship in their heart language.  

When I got home, our team immediately began preparing to host a Worship Arts Weekend training event in Sharon, Pennsylvania (shown below). It’s a weekend full of biblical teaching and practical musical training for students who lead worship in Cru’s student movements on several campuses in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and West Virginia. We do a few of these a year in various places, and this is the fourth year we’ve done this one in PA. I talked to some students that also attended last year, and they were excited by how much this had helped them grow. They shared that there are twice as many people involved in leading worship now as there were a year ago.

That, in turn, contributes to the growth of their student movement, which means more students get to hear about Jesus and grow as disciples! All of the students went back to their campuses with lots of practical and musical knowledge – but more importantly, they went back more encouraged in their journey with God.

Your continued partnership is what makes it possible to for us to do what we do. You are how God provides for our needs as we do the work we’re called to do, and we’re extremely grateful for your prayers and support!

Please pray
…for Cru’s missionaries serving in Asia, including the country where the Coronavirus originated. They had to stay in Chiang Mai for weeks after the conference because of the outbreak, and their ministries and travel are affected. Also, pray for the students from our conference in PA as they begin to apply the things they learned from us.