Sleepless in Fishers…

The 2009 Keynote Summer Project is in full swing, and I am once again taking on the role of Music Director for a band called ‘Young Isaac’.

During the year, I am one of the directors for a band called ‘blue sky nine’. For that role, I deal with running the band from a tactical and strategic standpoint, personally tracking with people in the band from a leadership standpoint, interfacing with the other directors within Keynote, being the person who shares the ‘message’ during our concerts, and oh yeah, I almost forgot – I play guitar.

But now, for the Summer Project, I am a strange combination of personal discipler, guitar instructor, band conductor, Paul Shaffer/Randy Jackson, and whoever thought up ‘New Kids on the Block’.

Seriously. My job is literally to take 6 strangers, select (and transcribe) music, teach instrumental and vocal parts, run rehearsals so they are tight and ready for the road, and send them off on a 3 week tour in Sydney, Australia.

We see God move through all of that, and thousands of people each year hear the gospel because of it. It’s cool.

But with all that to manage (which I love, by the way), it is almost an afterthought that I need to raise a significant amount of financial support to keep our personal ministry going. We’ve lost a lot of support due to the economic downturn and with our upcoming tour in Mongolia and South Korea in the fall, there’s a lot of ground to make up.

So… love my job. In over my head, in a good way. Need support and prayer, and trusting God for it all to come together.

And at the moment, thinking too much about all of that. Need sleep.