Shout out to The Rock!

Okay, not ‘The Rock’ as a metaphor for Christ, but ‘The Rock Church”, in Portland, IN.

I ‘sat in’ there on Sunday, April 29th, and the music they had arranged for that day included modern worship material, and music from the Monkees, the Newsboys, Buffalo Springfield, and Jimi Hendrix. (Good day to be a guitarist!!).

These guys know how to use music to connect with people, and I had a blast working with them. No surprise that they got excited with us about our work with Keynote. Their partnership with us in ministry is great for us, but just as importantly, I think it helped give everyone there a new and different idea of what being ‘in mission’ can look like.

The Rock had their public launch just over year ago, and there were over 370 people there on the 29th. Talk about being right where God wants you to be!

2 thoughts on “Shout out to The Rock!

  • L. Dwayne Sudduth

    Our Praise Team used a couple of secular tunes a few weeks back during a series on Ecclesiastes (side note: not a book I put a lot of emphasis on–until now). They were pretty fun to sing, actually. They also closed that week with the Norman Greenbaum tune ‘Spirit in the Sky’. Certainly, it made people think during the service–at least it did me.

    On a sad note–last week one of our church brothers and a leader of the Russian Missionary group passed away unexepectedly on a trip for business to San Jose. Jim Hankey, the ‘gentle giant’ will be missed by many. Please pray for his family (wife, two sons) and all of us during this period of loss.

    Portland Indiana–hometown of Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace.(Undefeated Middleweight Karate Champion, retired in 1980. I met him a few times as a teen) hmmm Doesn’t Jerry (DelTec) also live up near there?

    Glad the ministry is going well for you. I need to call you, because I would like to actually find out some details on *possibly* booking one of the Keynote bands.

    Linda and I discussed your latest ‘update’; very cool story my friend–I would have never thought of that. I’ve spent (I think) a little too much time with the ‘Way of the Master’ method, which while Biblical, also seems to be somewhat ‘confrontational’ and I’m taking a step backward from it. Although…the $1,000,000 bill tracts are kind of cool.

    Take care, and God Bless!

  • Scott and Jennifer Naylor...

    Jerry was the swing point in us connecting with that church – it’s his home church. It was a fun visit, and I’m pretty sure they teed up the Hendrix piece just for me. 🙂

    And yeah, I love some of Ray Comfort’s stuff, especially his metaphors and reasoning. There are many great methods and approaches to help people understand the truth – but they all pivot on trusing the Spirit to do the heavy lifting.

    And thank God for that!

    Check for booking info, or feel free to call!

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