Ruined for lesser dreams

50 first-time decisions to trust Christ.

150 decisions to spend at least one year in full-time vocational missions.

Over 1000 students mobilized to do a day of relief and outreach work in inner-city Minneapolis.

Those are just some of the results of Cru’s 2016 Winter Conference in Minneapolis.

During the week between Christmas and January 1st, Cru hosts several large-scale student conferences at various places in the country. This is my 14th year to work at the conference, in a partnership between our team and the Upper Midwest region of Cru’s Campus Ministry in Minneapolis.

Rather than hire a worship band, they want their students to be actively involved in the conference, so we help them assemble, rehearse and orchestrate a worship team made up mostly of college students.

It’s one of the highlights of my year – not because it’s fun to play with student musicians, or because it’s gratifying to see over 1000 students worshipping God with all their might.

It’s because we get to spend a week with student musicians and give them an experience that profoundly shapes their approach to how they will serve God’s Kingdom with their talents after they graduate.

As I told the students, we love helping create this experience for them because we’re trying to ruin them for lesser dreams. Nothing could ever be as meaningful as serving God with the talents He gave them!

It’s also a way for us to challenge some of them to consider joining our team after they graduate, so it’s a great recruiting opportunity as well!

Now, I’m heading into rehearsals for the next travel project – leading worship for 2 different conferences of Cru’s international missionaries. We’ll travel to Spain and serve missionaries working in Europe and the Middle East, and then head to Thailand to serve those working in various parts of Asia before coming home in February.

So, please pray for safe travel – we’ll literally go around the world (to the east) as we do this, so travel logistics are always a concern. And of course, everyone on our team has family at home that must go on without us for 3 weeks – so please pray for smooth sailing at home. Also, pray that the missionaries serving throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East will be blessed and refreshed by our service to them, so they can return to their fields ready for the next season of ministry!