random (but meaningful) Keynote stuff…

Just some random stuff regarding some of Keynote’s recent outreaches. I just got a road update from our friend Dan Bongard, who is in Blue Sky Nine, an acoustic/alternative group. He writes:

“…We spent the weekend at Fort Leonard Wood, a basic training facility in central Missouri… On Sunday morning we played for about 500 in basic training. They were singing and dancing with us and at some points were yelling so loud that we could barely hear ourselves on stage. There were 10 decisions for Christ that day, and close to 50 being interested in a bible study and/or talking about spiritual things.”

One of Keynote’s other artists is David Pendleton, who is a very accomplished ventriloquist, and a sharp and funny guy all around. If you’ve ever wondered how a ventriloquist works the gospel into his act, watch the video below: