Praying for wind…

I really like sailing. I don’t get to do it much anymore, but years ago, I used to help a couple of friends crew their sailboats – for pleasure, but also in lots of racing events. I am not any sort of expert sailor, but I had learned enough about how and when to trim the sails to be useful as crew.

Mostly, I think.

Anyway, in one particular race, I remember that we were out in the middle of the lake, most of the way through the race, when the wind just died. And I mean, died. ‘Dead calm’, it’s called. Under those conditions, the tiller does nothing, and it doesn’t matter how many sails you have up or which ones. Sailing requires wind, and there was none.So you just float, and watch for any sign of a puff.

And oh, the waiting…

I remember we could actually see the next buoy marker, but we just weren’t making much progress toward it. And as full of ‘hot air’ as we might have been, no human being posesses enough breath to propel a sailboat.

So there we were – in the middle of the lake, near the end of the race, doing everything we could. But for the moment anyway, not really going anywhere.

Recently, the results of our fund-raising efforts feel as though they have slowed to a float. I have been able to share our ministry with a LOT of people lately, but with few results. We make some progress each week, but we are eager to finish and get out there and work full-time, putting the gospel in front of people in a way they can relate to and connect with.

Please don’t get me wrong – I don’t want to sound ungrateful; God takes very good care of us. We are not naked to the weather, adrift in the open ocean without provision or anything. But it’s been a long race, and the finish line is within sight.

Just need to catch some wind.