On ‘Giving Tuesday’, you can help us continue to reach people for Christ and start 2020 with greater focus!

Just a few weeks ago, our outreach band Abilene performed and shared the gospel while partnering with Cru’s High School ministry at one of the largest high schools in Indiana. After the concert, we got a comment card from a student named Rachel who told us, “I am struggling with mental health and loneliness and I want to learn how to talk to God about it.” Comments like that are fairly common; many middle and high school students are lonely and struggling. Of course, we know those students need Jesus, but lots of them also need additional help. That’s why Abilene and our other artists have partnered with Celebrate Recovery and other like-minded ministries – to bring the hope of the gospel into people’s lives, and to connect them with people who will walk through their darkness with them.

Over 850 people experienced a new or renewed connection to Jesus this year through our work, and many others indicated that they wanted someone to meet with to learn more. It is your partnership that made each of those performances and conversations possible. Thank you for helping the Rachels of the world find the eternal hope of the gospel, and healing in this world as well.

In 2019, I travelled to Spain, Turkey, and Poland, along with many domestic projects doing evangelism, leading worship and helping train the next generation of missional musicians. In addition to that, I have taken 3 seminary credit-eligible classes (with the final 2 coming in December and January!) to complete my theological training requirements for Cru. I will head to Thailand in late January, and another tour in Poland (or in the neighboring Czech Republic) is a very real possibility in 2020. 

As we close out 2019, I’m realizing how much all of those things (three international tours, five classes, and a myriad of other domestic opportunities) have taken a toll on our finances. We’re ending 2019 with a budget shortfall of about $6800. That has meant short paychecks, depleted reserves, and other sacrifices. I’m glad we haven’t had to miss these crucial ministry opportunities, but it’s not sustainable. As our partners in ministry, may I ask you to specifically pray about giving a special year-end gift of $500, $250, or $100? It would help us fully focus on ministry as we start off 2020. December 3 is ‘Giving Tuesday’, and we know you’ll be presented with many opportunities to give. Thanks for considering the work we do with Cru to expand God’s kingdom!

On Giving Tuesday, and on every other day, you can give easily and securely on the web at http://give.cru.org/0546266.

We consider it a great privilege to share our prayer needs as well as our financial needs with you. However the Lord may lead you to respond, we are grateful and take comfort in knowing you are standing with us for the gospel!