On the road again…

blue sky nine is out on the road again!

We’re geared up for this year’s touring with a slight change in the lineup (Laura Piscitello will add her smokin’ vocals to the front line; Adam Smith will transfer his efforts to being our booking and marketing liaison). And of course, we’re doing new songs, including some original material, which is now a bigger focus.

This week, we’re in Iowa and Colorado, then down to Arizona for a week of concerts at colleges (6 or 7 of them) down there.

In addition to that, we’re looking at ways to make our band and concerts more significant. We’re using social media (Facebook) as a tool to get people to our shows to build buzz. We’re starting to develop some intentional video elements (hopefully soon to come) and non-intentional elements (video blogs from the road) to draw people into the adventure we’re on.

And as always, all of this is so that we can engage people in dialogue about their relationship with God.

Here’s the new lineup. Check us out at http://www.blueskynine.net/. Join Facebook (it’s easy, and it won’t hurt) and you’ll be able to become a fan and see our tour itinerary!