On the road again…

During the last week of 2014, I was up in Minneapolis, leading worship for a huge student conference (pictured above) where 1400 students gathered to grow in their faith and do outreach in the inner city.

Not all the conferences or outreach events I serve at are that big or cool looking… but seeing 1400 college students worship God is a pretty cool sight and I wanted to share it.

As I write this, I’ve been in rehearsals for what is probably the most ambitious international tour we’ve done in recent history – 3 conferences in 3 countries back to back. We’ll serve a conference of international missionaries in Spain, then go to Turkey to serve a large gathering of missionaries there, then we’ll head to Thailand for a 3rd missionary conference.

I’m excited about the idea of getting to encourage and refresh several hundred missionaries who are serving in dozens and dozens of countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

It’s probably the most strategic worship leading tour I could imagine.

And since all of our flights are to the east, we’ll go completely around the globe before coming back home. That’s a first.

Two days after I get back, I head to Orlando to spend a week at Cru’s headquarters in national-level leadership meetings. So all told, I’ll be away from home for a month.

I like being on the road again, but this is one of those seasons where I feel like I am never really unpacked.

I leave January 22nd, and will ultimately be back home February 20th, assuming all flights go the way we hope they go. As you can guess, with this many legs in the journey, they don’t always.

There are LOTS of things we’re expecting God to do through our trip. And there are LOTS of things that could go wrong (flight schedules, baggage handling, technical issues, issues with entering countries, etc.). So while this will be a VERY exciting tour, there are also lots of things to trust God for!