New England Tour update…

blue sky nine is on tour in New England and we’ve played several shows. We’re playing some smaller colleges (like Daniel Webster College in Nashua, NH and U-Mass Dartmouth, etc). Several students at each place have wanted to talk more about spiritual things, including someone who identified themselves as a pagan at UMass. We’re having an impact and the student leaders have many new contacts to follow up with.

And as usual, people here continue to drop the letter ‘R’ from some words and add it to others, and insist on stacking up superlatives like ‘wicked’, ‘filthy’, ‘nasty’, ‘sick’ and ‘dirty’ in front of ‘awesome’ when describing us.

(We like it here.)

Favorite story so far: Ryan is driving one of the tour vehicles and we’re going through a toll booth. Ryan kindly asks the attendant for a receipt, and the attendant asks Ryan if we’re with the vehicle in front of us (which Adam was driving).

Ryan says “Ummm, yeah…”, and the attendant asks if we know how he knew that. “The license plates”? Ryan asked.

“No…”, he said. “Because you were polite”.

(Wicked awesome…)