Merry Christmas!

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So, it’s Christmas day and I just now got to read all the holiday letters from people that we have received. It really makes me nostalgic – many of them are friends who we don’t see often, or who have moved away, or whatever.

Several years back, while playing guitar for the TCX confefence in Minneapolis (a big student conference that happens the week between Christmas and New Year’s), I met my friend Galen Collins, who worked as the live event producer – he worked with the conference planners, lighting, sound and tech people, and all that, to make sure the event went off as planned. It’s a big job, and he had done it for many other artists and events.

Because of that, he had made friends in many different places (sound familiar?). As we discussed that, he made the comment that one of his favorite things about Heaven was that all of his friends would be in the same place.


So now, I’m off to work at that conference for the 6th time. Jen and the girls are going this time, so our Christmas evening will be spent cleaning and packing and getting ready for the 11 hour drive to Minneapolis tomorrow.

So, if you should happen to pray for safe travel for us, that would be great. And if you should happen to have a great Christmas and New Year’s, that would also be great.

Love you all!!

– s,j,r,s,s

One thought on “Merry Christmas!

  • bobbysan

    Great pic and we loved Sophie’s Christmas update. Kellie was just telling me how funny it would be to see Sophie needing a periscope to navigate her way thru the snowdrifts back there!

    I was in Cleveland the week before Christmas and was reminded why we LOVE AZ! Sunny and 70deg here BTW…

    Please post the BS9 promo stuff when done and let us know if you’ll be within 500mi of Tucson on your tour.

    God bless you guys and good luck!

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