Making the band: blue sky nine

blue sky nine, the band I will tour with for this next year, is currently in rehearsals and program development for next year.

At the moment, we’re spending a lot of time getting to know each other (a good idea, since we’ll live together on the road quite a bit…), and selecting the music that will make up our set list. In addition, we’ll begin working on the overall program, which includes banter between songs and how we weave the gospel into the presentation (another important element!)

It’s a fun time, but there’s a lot to work out. I’m sure that God will grant us the inspiration and creativity we need to put together a cool program, and musically it should be great fun. But as we do this, any stray prayers you might send up for us would be great. Pray that God leads us and guides us though the processes of developing our program into a compelling and meaningful way to put the gospel in front of people in terms they can connect with.

Oh, and this Tuesday, we have a photo shoot for the band’s promotional materials. What a hoot. I’ll post our promo stuff up here as soon as it gets done.