Made it, mostly!

Okay. Can’t write much, internet access here is a little spotty. But blue sky nine made it safely to Egpyt, as did 94% of our gear.

My guitar did not make it to Cairo yesterday. So that was a bit of an upset. But as of just a few moments ago, we got word that Egypt Air has located it and is sending it to Alexandria, where we are doing our first few concerts.

So hopefully, by show time tomorrow, that will all be straightened out! Everything else is good, we’re getting acclimated and rested and all that.

The link below is the prayer calendar we put out for the trip. It’s already out of date with respect to one or two of the gigs that got changed. But for the other stuff on there, the more predictable things, it would be great if you remembered those things in prayer. Will try to update again later in the trip!

– s

3 thoughts on “Made it, mostly!

  • L. Dwayne Sudduth


    Shame about the Guitar–but glad it was found (those baby’s aren’t cheap, I know). btw..changed my blog address to I’ve become a wordpress geek..LOL.

    Linda and I will pray for you (and your family) and Blue Sky Nine, and that your message be received and more turn to Christ because they heard your message. The Holy Spirit, naturally, has to work in their hearts, but once the message is heard, the Holy Spirit can convict!

    God Bless you!

  • Wendy Wagner

    Hi Mr. Scott!
    Wouldn’t you just know that something like this would happen?! Be not discouraged! This blip will only make your Egypt story all that more interesting! Glad your travels have been safe thus far, and will continue to keep you and BSN in our prayers. Update us when you can – we’re anxious for news.

    Blessings to you and the other band members –

    Ted & Wendy Wagner

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