Looking to 2018 – beautiful feet, beautiful news!

Pictured above are the feet of a team of students I’m working with; they’re the student worship team for Cru’s largest winter conference coming up in December in Indianapolis. (My feet are propped up on the table, just for dramatic effect…) As it says in Isaiah 52:7, “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation…”. 

It has been my privilege for another year to lead, equip, instruct, and perform with teams of missional artists who use music to bring the good news to the nations.  It has been a year of changes; I have stepped out of my role as the overall Director of Cru’s Performing Artists Team, and will work to launch a new performing team this next year.  It’s a change that platforms younger leaders in my stead, and gets me back in the studio, on the road, and on the stage. I’m excited to get my feet back out on the front lines as a missional artist myself, using music to start gospel conversations and connect people to Jesus – and also to connect them to local ministries where they can grow. I’ll still give leadership and counsel to various other projects (worship, training, etc.) as well.

This gives me a great sense of anticipation for all the Lord will do in 2018! I’ll travel to Spain in January, and very possibly to Australia in May for an outreach tour to high school students – and those are just the projects we know about now!  The vision of using music to take the gospel to the world continues to inspire and propel our ministry. But if we are the feet, you are the hands! Thanks for partnering with us in prayer and finances.  The Lord continues to provide opportunities for greater impact and broader scope, and we continue to trust Him for the resources to match that vision.

As you may know, year-end giving is significant to our overall budget. This year, we are trusting the Lord for an additional $8,000 in year-end gifts. Would you consider giving a gift of $500, $250 or $100?  You can make secure online donations by going to http://give.cru.org/0546266.

Thanks again for being the hands and feet of Christ with us as we look expectantly to 2018!