Live from India

Teresa, talking with some college students after a show
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You can’t tell, but I am making a great ‘guitar face’.

I’m writing from a hotel room in Calicut, India, and wanted to give you a mid-tour update. Our band (called Stone), has played concerts in schools and colleges and public auditoriums, playing for over 4500 people so far. We’ve been getting extremely energetic responses from the students (and adults!) – they really love western rock music and are very engaged. More importantly, our concerts have led to some really great spiritual conversations. In Kochi, our first city, the students were predominantly Hindu. The Indian ministry staff are thrilled with the concert turnouts. They’re also happy that our concerts helped develop their relationships with the colleges (where it’s sometimes hard for them to get access to students.) Calicut, our second tour stop, has a strong Muslim population. That has led to some GREAT post-concert conversations about Jesus, and how he’s not JUST a prophet (as Islam teaches) but that He is, in fact, God. One of my favorite interactions was when Teresa, our lead singer, was talking to some Muslim girls. After getting the usual “You have your God, we have ours…” response, she dug a little deeper with them about Jesus. She told them that one of her favorite things about Jesus was the way he treated women. That piqued their interest, and she challenged them to read more about Him in the Bible, and not just in the Koran, to get a fuller idea of who He really was. We’ve settled into the swing of things with the tour. We’ve challenged Hindu students to consider Jesus as the one TRUE God. We’ve challenged Islamic students to consider Jesus as God, and not just a prophet. We’ve finally gotten used to the time zone, food, and weather, but each gave us some challenges. Honestly, it’s been tough adapting to everything, but I feel like God has met us in every situation, and has given us strength. Thanks for your continued prayers and support – we wouldn’t be here without it!!