Live CD recording…

Every other year, Keynote does a worship CD. This is the third one I’ve played guitar on; the first two were studio albums; and this one was done live. We did it last night, and it was great. The room was not full for the event, which is too bad. However, what the gathering of worshippers lacked in sheer numbers, they made up for in zeal.

It’s always cool when I can hear people singing over my in-ear monitor mix.

Below are some photos Jennifer took during the rehearsals. (You can tell they’re rehearsal photos because of the amount of junk that’s laying around…). Click them to get bigger versions.

4 thoughts on “Live CD recording…

  • L. Dwayne Sudduth


    Nice hair 😀 looks like you from back in the 90’s–minus the mullet. Glad things went off without a hitch; I’m looking forward

  • L. Dwayne Sudduth

    Ack.. this is what I get for clicking quick..

    I was about to say–I’m looking forward to hearing the finished product.

    We’re working on our Fall Festival (1st Annual) and had a planning meeting this afternoon. It’s a lot of work, but I’m enjoying being the ‘facillitator’.

    Take care and God Bless;


  • Scott and Jennifer Naylor...

    Ahhh, the mullet. Just one of life’s many “What was I thinking?” moments…

  • Mr. Shafer

    I am happy to be able to post comments on your blog and check out what your family is up to. We are enjoying life here in Costa Rica, but definitely miss our home and friends. I am ready to hear some Christian music in English.
    Take care and thanks for looking over our home while we are gone!
    Dave & Family

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