Like kindergarten, without the naps…

Okay. So I ‘ve been at Keynote for a couple of months now, and have done some cool work in-country and overseas. And now, I’m in Keynote’s ‘core’ training with some other ‘new’ staff (ironically, going through some of the same classes I instructed in Tajikistan – but there are more of them).

Anyway, experiencing the classes I didn’t teach (and the ones I did) as a student is different. The material is very biblical and practical as it pertains to our work, and I really want to learn and absorb and be changed by it.

Which brings me to my point. After 20 years in my former career, I had gotten quite used to being an authority, expert, sage, shaman, whatever, in my field. After a while, you sort of forget what it’s like to start something completely from the beginning. Man, is my head full right now, and it’s sort of overwhelming.

It’s a good sort of overwhelming, but if you should happen to pray that I can stay engaged and open and malleable to what the Spirit is doing, that would be great.

And of course, thanks as always for that and all other prayers – it’s exciting to finally be here full-time, and we couldn’t do it without the prayer, support and love from everyone.