LA’s fine, but it ain’t home

We have now done 4 of the 5 gigs on the Korean leg of our tour. We have one more to go on Tuesday, then we fly home Wednesday. We’ve played for two large churches and two universities, and had amazing responses at all of them. Our average audience has been 350-400, which is slightly higher than in Mongolia.

We’ve signed more autographs and taken more photos and given away more CDs and promo pictures than in an entire touring year for domestic shows. We’re huge here (grin). I have shared the gospel at each show and people have been invited to begin a relationship with God, but we don’t have any results from those shows yet. But we have been extremely well received and my guess is that we’ll see some interesting results when we get them.


Anyway, today we played at a mega-church in Seoul, for a program geared towards college-age folks. The place was huge – I think the church has like 20,000 members. It’s a nice place, and the lobby area was so big, it felt like an airline terminal. Compared to UlaanBaatar, everything about Seoul (including the churches we’ve experienced) is different.

As I walked around the lobby heading to the room we’d play (their secondary, 800-seat room) I was singing myself “I am, I said” by Neil Diamond. While it’s nice to be staying in a big clean fast-paced megacity, and playing in a big clean fast-paced megachurch, I realized how much NONE of this is what I am used to.

“LA’s fine…”, Neil croons, “but it ain’t home”.


Funniest moment was when some hapless emcee gets up after our show to dismiss people, and evidently, no one told him that our show is really geared for non-churchified people. So he says something like “Thank you, blue sky nine, for sharing with us today. Your music is definitely not like our usual praise and worship music. But your songs were good and we found them, uh… very inspirational and spiritual. Thanks for coming!”

Um… yeah. Too funny.

Later in the day, we received an email from someone at the show. Here’s part of it:

…Today, I was really impressed of the blue sky nine’s concert. It makes me feel happy and pleasant. I could feel sincerity through Scott’s experience. Actually, I wanted to listen that music again and again. After your concert, I try to buy your album but I couldn’t find it.

I love your songs. How can I buy your songs? I really want to have and listen to it. please give me an answer. I’ll wait you. bye! God bless you 🙂

p.s. I could know God much more in that concert. thank you so much.