Back from India

My latest project, a band called The Gap Theory, has successfully returned from our tour in India. We had a great time, playing shows on college campuses and in public concert centers in the cities of Hyderabad and Chennai.

India’s population is about 80% Hindu and 15% Muslim, so we weren’t certain how we’d be received. But as we hoped, it turns out being an american rock band is a big deal there, and we found a great audience for our music, stories, and spiritual discussion.

There were several settings where we were asked (and allowed) to share openly about our faith, and to extend an invitation for people to begin a relationship with Christ. In those cases, we saw about 40 percent of our audiences indicate that they had either made a decision to trust Christ (about 400 people made that decision), or that they wanted to talk more with someone about God.

Getting to play for thousands of people is great fun. But we’re all about connecting people to a radical message of hope, redemption and love. To see 40% of your audience respond to that? I’ll do that all day. Every day. And I don’t care where in the world I have to go to do it.

So – we had a great time, and we’ll have more video up soon. In the mean time, here’s a song from one of the shows we played in Hyderabad: