“I’ve been feeling really hopeless…”

Even as I write this, one of Cru’s biggest and longest-running yearly outreach programs is happening in Panama City Beach, Florida. It’s called Big Break and it’s been a yearly evangelistic training conference for decades.

Students involved with Cru movements all over the country come to Big Break for a week of evangelism training, worship, motivating speakers, and a ton of fun. Then, they go out on the beach and into the community to share their faith with thousands of other students!

The team I work with, the one that focuses on music evangelism and worship, is part of a larger team in Indianapolis. Our larger team has taken on an expanded role in planning and executing Big Break’s conference programming, evangelism training and worship. It’s been great for so many of our staff to be involved, helping with setup, music, prayer, outreach, programming, and other things.

All of that would mean nothing if people were not coming to know Jesus as a result – but of course, they are!

Along with in-person evangelism, the students can also be equipped to use digital strategies to share their faith. One student did that, and sent her friend Allison a conversation-starting video (made by Cru) called Falling Plates.

Her friend Allison communicated right back to her, saying:
“I literally just cried. I’ve been feeling really hopeless and horrible lately. And last night I prayed for a sign that I’m still worth it, that I’m still meant to live, and that God still cares for me – and today, you sent that to me. This is insane. I’m literally in tears.”

There have been over 2000 spiritual conversations and 89 people who have made the decision to trust Christ through the digital outreach strategies ALONE, and that’s just for the first two weeks of the conference. Week 3 is happening now, and next month I’ll share more about the overall results!

We’re so glad you’re on mission with us through your giving and prayer. People like Allison, and thousands of others, are encountering Jesus as students learn to step out in faith as a result of your partnership. Thanks again!