It ain’t all glamorous…

I love getting to tell stories from the ‘front lines’ – from leading bands on outreach tours, or from leading musical worship for large conference events, or when I get to help train people and multiply our efforts.

But, like EVERYone’s job, there are some tasks that just have to get done, but aren’t as captivating. Around our office, we have a running joke that one day, I am going to write a monthly update letter about approving expense reports for our team.

A big part of my job involves things like planning, leading our staff, making sure budgets get planned and yes, approving expense reports – and a bunch of other stuff. Might not be as interesting, but it contributes JUST AS MUCH to the mission as the other things I do.

For July and August, here’s a short list of that stuff:

  • Plan and lead a week of departmental meetings launching our ministry year and helping our staff acclimate to their new assignments.
  • Put together bands to send to serve at 5 different conferences we’re leading worship for.
  • Help plan future training AND outreach trips to India (Thanks, Skype!!)
  • Approve our department’s expense reports so end-of-year processing can be done (our budget year starts in September).
  • Meet (several times) with Sr. leadership above us to navigate how our ministry fits into the larger mission of Cru.

I’ll stop there. You get it. I LOVE sharing stories of lives being changed by encounters with Jesus, and our team saw that happen a bunch as well. But I wanted to share some of the ‘regular job’ stuff I do, because I need just as much prayer for that as I do to go out and be a musician on mission – maybe more!

I really do love leading our team of missional artists, but it’s a balancing act for me to do the front lines work as much as I can, and also do the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff.

In other news…

  • Our A/C in the house died in August, costing $3000 to replace. And as of today, my car broke down and needs $550 in repairs. Ouch. Not yet sure how we’re gonna fit that into the yearly budget. Please pray that we have no more major expense ‘surprises’!
  • Rachel (a junior) and Sarah (a freshman) started high school – we’re grateful for a (mostly) drama-free start to our first year of having 2 girls in high school!

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re some part of the team of people who partner with us in ministry. Thanks, as always, for the part you play in our mission. We’re grateful for the sacrifices you make so we can be in ministry, and we deeply appreciate your prayers!